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Jan 08,2015

Here is a video that highlights a few exercises that you can perform at home or in your local gym to help reduce low back pain.  We all know someone with low back pain, do them a favor and pass this video along.  These simple exercises have changed my life.  I was unable to perform my favorite activities due to a bulging disc in my lower back.  Performing proper strength training twice per week has helped me enjoy skiing, football, running and simple daily activities once again.  Please contact me with any questions!

Ease Lower Back Pain Video

Today, I want to talk about motivation. Have you ever walked into a workout and just "didn't feel it?" Have you worked out with a friend that didn't want to be there, therefore they didn't push you to the best of your ability? Did your trainer watch every rep, every detail and coach all aspects of the lift, or did they check their phone, look at other individuals in the gym or stand there in silence the entire session?

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Nov 25,2014

Recently I've been asked a lot about training for sport. Questions like - "should I use any resistance while running, or should I use a weighted club, bat, football, etc to speed up my movement?" Here is a great snippet from James Fisher that takes a look at the research behind skill specificity: relates to an earlier post I quoted from the book "if you like exercise... Chances are you're doing it wrong."

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